T-01 a stainless steel side table or contemporary sculpture?

T-01 stainless steel side table

The T-01 stainless steel table

In the studio we spent the last few years experimenting with design craft, through casing and ceramics, imagining and creating complexed shapes and forms. As we looked forwarded designer Kwaku Boateng wanted to experiment with sheet metals particularly steel to create range of furniture.

T-01 stainless steel side table assembly

Concept development

We originally decided to design a side table as he needed one for the Lounge for his new apartment in London. We quite liked the idea of the contrast between wood and metal. We wanted the table to stand and look like a piece of art sculpture, as well as being functional. As most city dwellers live in smaller spaces We wanted it to be extravagant yet practical for the best use of space. We really liked the idea of it being multi functional, while focusing on the importance of storage.

Table 1 is a practical and functional piece of furniture. It stands proudly with a trophy-like appearance, the base bowing in gracefully. Made entirely from 3mm stainless steel, the table comprises of three parts, That when assembled, create a practical, versatile and sturdy piece of furniture. It can be used as a side table or as a stool, making it perfect for city living where space is at a premium.

With its sleek lines and brushed steel finish, the Table 1 is a sculptural piece. 

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